Popular Income Tax Scams

Beware of Income Tax Scams

Tax time is the time of year when people get anxious to receive their refund from the IRS.  It’s also the time of the year when financial criminals get to work on their income tax scams.  It’s easy to see why; income tax scams can often be completed in minutes, the pay often comes in cash, and while many thieves are caught, a lot of them manage to get away.  Sometimes the victims are taxpayers, and other times, the criminals attempt to defraud the federal government.  In most cases, all taxpayers end up footing the bill, so it’s worthwhile for everyone to do what they can to help prevent income tax scams.

income tax scamWe’ve written about the most popular scam making the rounds, where an individual pretending to be an IRS agent calls a taxpayer and demands immediate payment of thousands of dollars to prevent the taxpayer from being arrested.  While this is the most common income tax scam at the moment, it’s far from the only one.  Below, we’ll cover a few of the other income tax scams that are out there so that you’ll be warned ahead of time about how to best avoid them.

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