IRS Income Tax Scam on the Rise

Income Tax Scam – Watch Out

People hate paying taxes, and that seems to be pretty universal.  People will go to great lengths to avoid paying taxes, as we’ve noted in previous posts about tax avoidance.  But there’s something that people hate and want to avoid even more than paying taxes and that’s being arrested.  The fear of going to jail is a pretty strong one, and when the threat of incarceration is on the table, people will do just about anything to avoid being hauled away in handcuffs. That, unfortunately, is at the heart of a new IRS income tax scam that is currently making the rounds, and this fear of going to jail is making a number of criminals pretty wealthy these days.

Income Tax Scam Overview

income tax scamThe new income tax scam works like this – identity thieves who have stolen an individuals personal information call them on the telephone and claim to be from the IRS.  They’ll offer some information about the individual that would be something that the IRS would know as proof of who they are.  The caller will explain over the phone that the victim has not fully paid their income taxes and that penalties and fines are required to put the victim back in the agency’s good graces.  This is followed with threats of arrest, or confiscation of personal property, such as cars, or foreclosure on homes.

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