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Drake Tax Software Review – All in One Package

Drake Tax Software Review – One Price Gets it All

If you’re operating a tax preparation business or thinking about it, you’ll need software with which to file and calculate your clients’ returns. Drake Tax software offers a package that includes just about everything you’ll need to get going, all at an affordable price. Drake Software is easy to use, intuitive, and easy to update, and comes with two pricing options to make it affordable for both experienced businesses and those just starting. Read on for our full Drake Tax Software Review.

Most of the tax preparation products we’ve reviewed were those for the consumer level – things an individual taxpayer might use to prepare his or her personal income taxes.  There are a lot of people out there, however, who might have used a professional tax preparation package and that’s where Drake tax software can be useful. Drake tax software is among the best-known in the industry, and it’s ideally suited for a small to medium-sized business, with prices fine-tuned to help those who are just starting. Drake Tax Software Review

Drake Tax Software Overview

Most tax software, be it consumer level or professional level, is sold and priced in modules.  You buy only what you need, and you pay accordingly. That’s not the case with Drake software; it’s essentially a complete package and it comes with a two-tiered price structure.  You can pay one price upfront (currently $1495) that gets you all of the features, or you can pay a smaller amount (currently $300) that gets you a package that’s about 95% similar, though the lower price only covers 15 tax returns.  After that, you’ll pay $20 per return up to a maximum of 85, at which point your purchase will convert to the Drake Tax software Unlimited package.  This is perfect for smaller businesses and startups, who may need to save their extra capital for other expenses.  They can use the pay-as-you-go plan with Drake tax software until they get their business up and running.  Otherwise, both packages include everything you need to handle Federal tax returns and those for each of the individual states.  Updates and technical support are included for both versions of Drake Tax software, as is the ability to file either manually or electronically. Drake Tax Software Review

Affordable Online Tax Preparation

Drake Tax Software has a simple and easy to use user interface that makes it easy to keep track of your clients using either an SSN or an EIN.  A tabbed view makes it easy to switch between screens and full diagnostics are included to provide messages should there be something in a particular return that may cause IRS problems.

Bonus software included with the Drake tax software package includes Gruntworx, which makes it easy to import scanned documents into returns, and SecureFilePro, which makes it easy to securely share files with clients.  Drake tax software is available as a standalone installation or a hosted solution, which allows for automatic updates of the software. Drake Tax Software Review

Tech support for Drake Tax software is available online via email and through a knowledgebase available in the software’s user interface. You can also contact Drake software personnel via telephone and through the company’s Website. A full PDF manual for Drake Tax software is also available for download. These tech support options are included at no charge when you purchase Drake Tax Software Review.

Drake Tax Software Pros and Cons Drake Tax Software Pros

Drake Tax Software Review
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great technical support online and off
  • Integration with GruntWorx allows for easy data entry and minimal paperwork
  • Multiple installation options – hosted, online and desktop
  • Easy to use on a network

Drake Tax Software Cons

Client Write-Up and Drake Preparer Website are included in the Unlimited package but not included in the Drake Tax software Pay Per Return package (though both are available for purchase separately.)

Of course, even the best tax software has flaws that cannot be handled through software alone.  Tax software isn’t all-knowing; most packages are designed to handle the usual deductions that most people routinely take.  There are options to take additional deductions, provided that you know about them in the first place.  No piece of tax software can replace sound tax strategy, and it’s hard to have good tax strategy when there are tens of thousands of pages in the U.S. tax code and when there are hundreds of changes annually.  Most taxpayers and even most tax professionals aren’t aware of the many ways that one can legitimately pay less on their taxes by taking advantage of the many available deductions that few people know about.  Keeping up with that is a full time job. Drake Tax Software Review

That’s why you need access to a product that will allow you to keep up with changing tax codes and apprise you of new, legal, ways to save money on your taxes.  We’re not talking about a book; that would be pointless, as changes are so common that the book would be out of date immediately.  Instead, we’re talking about giving you access to a product that was designed to keep track of tax saving opportunities, to keep track of changes in tax law and to keep track of how each of these things can affect you. Drake Tax Software Review

It turns out that most Americans could be paying less, a lot less, in taxes if they only knew about the hundreds of ways to save that aren’t generally publicized.  They’re not secrets, really; they’re just things that aren’t widely known, either by taxpayers or tax professionals.  Widely known or not, these tips can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your taxes, and no piece of software, including Drake tax software, can know everything. Drake Tax Software Review

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