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File For Free Alliance Can Save You Money

Free File Alliance

Americans hate paying income taxes. That’s a simple fact. The only thing worse than paying income taxes is having to pay to file them. Paying money to pay money just doesn’t seem right to a lot of people, but tax preparation firms charge a lot for their services; it can cost several hundred dollars to have your taxes professionally prepared for you. Even if you decide to do your taxes yourself, it can cost you up to $100 or so to make use of professional software to file your returns. That price varies, of course, but it can still amount to a considerable sum of money. Thanks to the Free File Alliance, it’s possible for many U.S. taxpayers to file their Federal income tax returns for free. File For Free

File For Free

Organized in 2002, the Free File Alliance is a public-private partnership agreement between the Internal Revenue Service and several companies that provide tax preparation software to the public.  The idea was to create a way for the majority of Americans to file their returns for free.  The program has been a success; since the Free File Alliance was created, some 40 million Americans have filed their Federal income tax returns this way at no charge.

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