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Tips to Get Organized Before Tax Time

It’s the start of a new year, and that means it’s time to at least give some thought to how you’re going to get ready to prepare your income taxes.  True, taxes aren’t due, at either the state or the Federal level, until April 15.  That doesn’t mean that you should do nothing until April Fool’s day.  You can, of course, put it off until the last minute, but that tends to become a nightmare and it also tends to lead to errors as you scramble at the last minute to find some receipt you’re sure you have somewhere or a W2 form that you saw on the counter just last weekFile Income Taxes

File Income Taxes

File Income Taxes

We’re not suggesting that you start on your taxes now; after all, employers aren’t even required to send out W2 forms until the end of the month.  On the other hand, it’s never too early to at least give some thought to becoming organized.  The sooner you have everything you need to file your taxes in order and at hand, the more prepared you’ll be when you finally do decide that it’s time to fill out your tax forms and mail them in.  Even better – if you can come up with a good system for storing your necessary documents, receipts and forms year-round, you’ll already have everything pretty much in place when January rolls around each year and that will make the daunting tax of filing your income tax returns a whole lot easier year in and year out. File Income Taxes

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