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Glacier Tax Prep Review – Ideal for Nonresident Aliens

Glacier Tax Prep Review – Comprehensive and Affordable

There aren’t too many Americans who are happy with the way income taxes are handled in this country. The U.S. tax code runs tens of thousands of pages and it’s horrendously complex. So much so, that millions of Americans pay to have someone else prepare their tax returns for them each year. Difficult as it may be to prepare your taxes as a citizen, it’s even worse if you’re a nonresident alien living in the United States. In those cases, tax preparation is even more complex. Fortunately, Glacier Tax Prep Review, as this tax preparation software was specifically created to help foreigners living in the United States navigate the complex tax system. For one low price, you’ll get access to the Glacier Tax Prep software and all of the forms you need, as well as access to online tech support in case you get in trouble.

Glacier Tax Prep Overview

Like most tax preparation software, Glacier Tax Prep Review is online; there’s nothing to download or install on your computer.  You pay a low access fee and then you’ll be able to log in and start filling out your tax returns.  The Glacier Tax Prep software uses an interview-style interface, asking you a series of questions that allows the software to determine which forms you’ll need to comply with U.S. tax law for your particular situation.  You’ll be asked various questions about your status within the U.S. or how long you’ve been in the country or the length of your stay, as well as other questions about your earnings and income and your spouse and children if any.

Affordable Online Tax Preparation

Glacier Tax Prep can confirm your nonresident alien tax status for you and will automatically review all income tax treaties to see which, if any, tax exemptions you may qualify to receive.  The Glacier Tax Prep software does all of this for one low price, which as of this writing, is $34.  If you get into a bind, Glacier Tax Prep has professional tech support standing by to answer any queries you may have via email.  In addition, there’s an extensive research library and FAQ list available if you want to do your research.  Glacier Tax Prep has more than 20 years of experience working with resident and nonresident aliens.  They also have an institutional version of the software which is available at reasonable prices for universities and other schools, which makes it easy for schools to provide their students with access to the Glacier Tax Prep Review system.

In short, Glacier Tax Prep, or GTP, as they refer to it, will:

Determine your U.S. residency status
Determine which tax deductions, allowances, and tax credits for which you may be eligible
Determine which, if any, international treaties may provide you with tax exemptions
Calculates your refund or tax due
Prepares your Federal tax returns, statements, forms, and even ITIN application for you, your spouse, and your children. 

In addition, Glacier Tax Prep provides the following forms and resources:

  • Form 1040NR-EZ
  • Form 1040NR (includes Schedules A, NEC, OI)
  • Schedule C-EZ
  • Form W-7
  • Form 2106-EZ
  • Form 3903
  • Form 8843 (For You, a Non-Working Spouse and Each Child at NO Additional Cost)
  • Detailed Filing Instructions
  • Online HELP
  • Extensive FAQ
  • Prior year Blank Tax Forms and Instructions
  • Detailed Research Library

The beauty of using Glacier Tax Prep is that you won’t have to understand the U.S. tax system, which is good, because few people do understand it!   All you have to do is answer the questions Glacier Tax Prep asks you and it will determine what you need to do next.  While nonresident aliens are free to use other tax services or software products, few of them are specifically designed to help non-U.S. citizens work their way through the tax code.  Glacier Tax Prep takes the worry and confusion out of the process, making it easy to file your returns quickly, efficiently and affordably.

While Glacier Tax Prep is good software and can accurately help you file your tax returns, one needs to remember that no piece of software is all-knowing.  Yes, Glacier Tax Prep knows about the most common tax deductions that most people will use, and it can accommodate you if you need to use some deductions that aren’t so popular.  What it cannot do, however, is tell you about unusual tax deductions that you don’t already know about yourself, and that’s a problem because there are hundreds and maybe thousands of such deductions which are allowable under U.S. tax law.  That’s not just a problem for nonresident aliens; that’s a problem for all U.S. taxpayers.  The code is simply too complex for any piece of software, including Glacier Tax Prep Review, to know everything or to know about every conceivable way that you could be taking legal deductions from your income and thus, saving more money on your taxes.

Fortunately, there is a way to stay ahead of the government when it comes to taking deductions and saving money. There’s a comprehensive resource that makes it easy to understand the tax law, the available deductions, and how they can affect you. It’s not complicated and the information is presented in easy-to-understand English and not complex legalese or some kind of incomprehensible tax-speak. You’ll discover several ways that you could be saving money this year, next year and for many years to come and we’re talking about saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes. Glacier Tax Prep Review, but it can’t know everything. If you want to save money, you’ll need an additional resource.

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