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Intuit TurboTax Review – Easily Do Your Taxes at Home

TurboTax Review – Intuitive and Thorough

No one likes paying income taxes, and even fewer people enjoy preparing them. It’s bad enough that you have to pay money to the government, but having to spend hours of your time preparing your taxes yourself or hundreds of dollars having them prepared for you by a professional just adds to the misery.  Fortunately, there are a number of software solutions on the market that make it easy to prepare your taxes at home, with a minimum amount of trouble and time. Among those products, the most popular is Intuit TurboTax Review, a product that was first developed in the mid-1980s. In this post, we have Intuit Turbo Tax review, so read the full post

Intuit TurboTax Review – The Pros

Intuit TurboTax Review

Intuitive design – TurboTax is a product that was designed from the ground up to do one thing only and to do it well. Because of this, the product has a clean, intuitive user interface, and it has been designed to make the process of completing your tax return fairly painless, as the software will guide you through the process on a step-by-step basis. In this post, we have Intuit TurboTax Review, so read the full post

Good Resources – TurboTax offers several resources to help you if you find yourself in a quandary. The software contains a good, easy-to-use knowledgebase, a glossary of terms, and a few video tutorials. You also have access to the online TurboTax community, which has answers to thousands of questions and you may ask questions of your own if the information you need isn’t available.

Audit Risk Detection – No one wants an audit, and TurboTax is aware of a number of potential “flags” that might inspire the IRS to audit you.  When these situations are encountered, the software will mark them and provide you with guidance to help you correct potential problems in order to avoid being audited.

Good Deduction Discovery – TurboTax does a good job of identifying potential income tax deductions that you may not have known about, potentially saving you money.  These include deductions related to home ownership, small businesses, charitable donations, rental property, and more.  This feature varies depending on the version of the software.

Cons of TurboTax

No TurboTax review would be complete without listing the drawbacks of the product. This product, like any piece of software, isn’t perfect, and it’s not without its flaws. The Federal Free Edition is quite limited in abilities and scope.  Unlike competitors, such as H&R Block, TurboTax has no retail locations, so you can’t walk into your local storefront and get help in person. Other tax software solutions are less expensive, particularly when you consider the add-on cost of buying additional software for filing your state income tax.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to using TurboTax is that the software is only as smart as you are.  While the software is designed to help you maximize your income tax deductions, it’s a tax preparation program; it doesn’t know anything about tax strategy.  Tax strategy is where you’re going to save money because American tax law often allows you to take advantage of deductions in ways that TurboTax simply doesn’t know about.

TurboTax is a good program and it’s affordably priced. But you need to realize that the modest cost of the software could be more than offset when you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional taxes because you didn’t take deductions that TurboTax didn’t even know about. That’s our TurboTax review in a nutshell. Hope you got the knowledge by reading Intuit TurboTax Review.

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