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Sigma Tax Pro Review – Professional Tax Preparation Software

Sigma Tax Pro Review – Affordable and Functional

If you’re a tax professional working in 2015, your days of filling out forms by hand are long over. These days, you need professional tax software, especially if you’re doing a high-volume business. Sigma Tax Pro offers three different software packages for tax professionals that make it quick and easy to fill out one 1040 form or a hundred. You can pick the version that best suits your needs and those of your clients. Read on for our full Sigma Tax Pro review.

Sigma Tax Pro Overview

Like most tax preparation products, either consumer-level or professional level, Sigma Tax Pro comes in three different versions tailored to the needs of specific buyers.  While the company’s Website doesn’t have a comparison chart that outlines the differences between the three versions, they vary in your ability to configure them and in features. Sigma Tax Pro Review

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-CL

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-CL is the company’s most affordable product and is best suited for companies that do business in high volume.  Available in both desktop and Web-based versions, Sigma Tax Pro 1040-CL has an easy setup, a work-in-progress screen, and Point-and-Shoot Error Correction™ that makes finding errors quick and easy.  The software handles electronic signatures and allows you to scan and store source documents.  You can also send text messages directly to your customers from within the software. Input is forms-style only.  Sigma Tax Pro 1040-CL supports all Federal and state forms.  Current pricing for Sigma Tax Pro 1040-CL is $295.

Sigma Tax Pro Review

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-DR

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-DR is the company’s best-selling package and has more features than Sigma Tax Pro 1040-CL including Sigma Tax Pro Review

  • Conversion of old files from more than a dozen other tax preparation products
  • Control satellite offices from a single installation
  • Zero Defects – feature makes finding mistakes, errors and omissions easy
  • Option of forms-style method or interview style method – use whatever works best for you
  • Quick refund estimator makes it a snap to see how much a customer’s refund will be

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-DR also includes all Federal and state forms and includes direct deposit, debit cards, and in-office check printing options.  Current pricing for Sigma Tax Pro 1040-DR is $495.

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-TW

Sigma Tax Pro 1040-TW is the most customizable of the three software packages offered by Sigma Tax Pro.  This version is best suited to offices with special or nonstandard needs, though it can certainly handle the routine, as well.  Features included in Sigma Tax Pro 1040-TW include: 

  • Hypothetical test mode – allows you to look into several potentials “What if?” scenarios for your clients
  • Add SSN later – you can start a client’s return without their Social Security Number and add it later.  You won’t get hung up if you’re missing this vital piece of information. Sigma Tax Pro Review
  • Find a Form screen that makes it fast and easy to find the form you need
  • Multitasking allows you to have multiple instances of the software open at once for working on more than one return at a time.
  • Built-in Interview Wizard makes it fast and easy to enter data
  • Real-time Calculators produce results instantly with no waiting or prompting
  • Conversion for data from most existing software packages
  • Quality control has three-way error checking

All three versions of Sigma Tax Pro are available as either standalone desktop applications or as Web-based applications, which offer the advantage of not needing to be updated.  The pricing of all three Sigma Tax Pro is quite competitive when compared with other professional tax preparation products, so if you’re on a budget or just getting started, it’s a great way to start without spending everything you have on software before your first client walks in the door. Sigma Tax Pro Review

While all three versions of Sigma Tax Pro are certainly affordable and capable of doing a great job of tax preparation, it’s worth noting that there are many ways that taxpayers could be saving a lot of money on their income taxes that no tax software can easily handle.   Most programs, including Sigma Tax Pro, can work well with whatever information you provide.  What they cannot do is suggest to you or your clients more than a handful of the hundreds of ways they could be saving money on their taxes.

The US Tax Code is huge; it runs tens of thousands of pages.  It permits hundreds of ways that taxpayers can legally deduct expenses from their income, including a lot of ways that are relatively obscure and are infrequently used.  That doesn’t mean that they aren’t allowed, but some of them are so obscure that even some tax professionals with decades of experience don’t know about them.  If they don’t know about them and you don’t know about them, then you can’t enter them into Sigma Tax Pro when you’re preparing tax returns, and you or your client will end up paying more money in income taxes than is necessary. Sigma Tax Pro Review

This isn’t the fault of Sigma Tax Pro; it’s a problem with tax preparation.  It’s up to consumers to understand that the government does allow them many ways to save on their taxes via legitimate deductions, but that tax preparation software isn’t necessarily going to tell them about them.  Sure, most tax software knows about a few things, such as mortgage interest deductions, but many obscure deductions are infrequently used that most tax products, including Sigma Tax Pro, won’t know about.  If you or your client knew about them, you could enter them into Sigma Tax Pro and save money. Sigma Tax Pro Review

Sigma Tax Pro Summary

There is a great resource that makes it possible for the average taxpayer to learn about ways of saving the most amount of money possible on Federal income taxes. The information is up to date and explained in simple English that’s easy to understand and easy to implement. Taxpayers can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their taxes this year and every year. Sigma Tax Pro is a great product, but it’s not enough. If you want to save on taxes, you need a tool that’s designed for that purpose alone. Sigma Tax Pro Review

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