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Tax Caddy Reviews and Process

Tax Caddy Reviews

SurePrep’s Tax Caddy is intended to make gathering the required tax documentation simpler. CPAs may just ask their clients to sign up for a free Tax Caddy account. The customer owns the client account, which is not always associated with the CPA company. I talk about this article tax caddy reviews and process.

Tax Caddy Cost

Any device, including a PC, Mac, tablet, and the Tax Caddy app for the iPad, iPhone, and Android, may access Tax Caddy.

You receive Tax Caddy at no cost to you. Your tax return progress with us will be shown in your Tax Caddy account. Only the pending paperwork and tax data will need to be provided.

Tax Caddy reviews

The client requested it. Paper organizers are losing favor with customers at an increasing rate. The advantage is getting quicker client responses and not having to worry about disorganized emails and poor document images.

Tax Caddy Process

Each customer has their own Tax Caddy account and has the option to securely communicate their papers with their Pennell CPA professional. To seek more help from our team, kindly indicate your interest in working with us through Tax Caddy – Request Tax Caddy to email our staff. Tax Caddy Process is also a part of Tax Caddy Reviews, so you need to know it.

When Pennell CPA sends you an invitation to work together via Tax Caddy, do the following actions to make sure your account is set up correctly: 

1. Connect

To connect with our company, go onto your Tax Caddy account, go to the Overview screen, and press the Accept Connection button. Study up on connecting.

2. Add Authorized Users

Click Settings after selecting your name in the upper right corner to grant access to your partner or other people. Click Additional User Account, then fill up the necessary details. They will get an email invitation to set up a linked account using the identical procedures you used. Get additional information about adding users. read full tax caddy reviews and process in this article

Please be aware that if you are “married filing jointly,” your spouse may electronically sign papers using your Tax Caddy account or a different one they may create. If your spouse chooses to open a separate Tax Caddy account, you will need to link your account to theirs for them to utilize their electronic signature. Study up on e-signatures.

3. Download and use the Tax Caddy App

You may download the Tax Caddy mobile app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. It gives you a practical method to view your data and get in touch with us right from your phone. Study up on the Tax Caddy app for mobile devices.

4. Provide Your Tax Information

You may find a Tax Questionnaire and a Document Request List in your Tax Caddy account.

5. Privide Document By:

  • establishing “Smart Links” with your banking institutions to have tax paperwork automatically retrieved. Documents will be automatically obtained and added to your Tax Caddy account as they become available. More information on Smart Links
  • use the Tax Caddy mobile app to take a photo of the document.
  • transferring files.
  • manually filling out the form. Become familiar with paperwork.

6. Complete the Questionnaire

By going to the Tax Caddy Questionnaire, you may enter your responses. Find out more information about the survey.

7. Send and Receive Messages

To make sure we have the data we need to complete your return, ask questions and offer answers under Tax Caddy’s Messages page, which can be located on the navigation bar. Study up on messaging.

8. Request Support

You can email the Tax Caddy support staff if you have technical problems regarding your account or if you’re having difficulties logging in (for example, if you’ve forgotten your password). Read up on how to seek assistance.

Hope you liked our Tax Caddy Reviews article.

Tax Caddy Technical Support

Visit the Help Center link at the top of tax for technical support and troubleshooting help, or send an email to