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Tax Software review efficient and affordable

When it comes to online tax preparation software, has a huge advantage over everyone else – they’ve got a great domain name. Named after the Federal tax form that every taxpayer has to file, has online tax preparation software to help just about anyone. They’re not just some Johnny-come-lately, either – is owned by Drake Software, which makes some of the most highly regarded commercial tax preparation software on the market. is their consumer product, and they’ve made it easy to access, easy to use and generally affordable for everyone. Tax Software review efficient and affordable reviewDrake Software makes tax filing products for commercial tax preparers, but they also have products for individual taxpayers, which they provide through their site. Like most companies offering tax preparation products, they offer several different versions of the software which are tailored to the needs of their customers.

As part of the Free File Alliance, offers a free edition of their software to help taxpayers file their Federal income taxes. Of course, no one makes any money allowing people to file their Federal income tax returns for free, so there are some restrictions as to who can use the Free Federal Edition. There are perhaps a dozen different criteria that you must meet in order to qualify, but in general: Tax Software review efficient and affordable

  • You must earn less than $100,000
  • You claim no dependents
  • You and your spouse are under 65
  • You are not in bankruptcy
  • Your income is primarily from W2 wages
  • No credits other than Earned Income Credit

If you meet these (and all other) criteria, you may file your Federal taxes for free. State taxes are extra, and at present time are priced at $19.95. Basic Edition (Tax Software review efficient and affordable)

The Basic Edition is going to cover many of those who do not qualify for the Free Edition. Like the Free Edition, the Basic Edition still covers only those who earn less than $100,000 per year and only those who take the standard deduction only and are not using itemized deductions. This version does allow for some adjustments to income, such as an IRA deduction, Student Loan Interest deduction, tuition and fees deductions, and educator deductions. Additionally, the Basic Edition also allows you to claim certain tax credits besides the Earned Income Credit, such as Child and Dependent Care Credit or Retirement Savings Contribution Credits. As with the Free edition, state filings are separately priced at $19.95. Tax Software review efficient and affordable Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition is going to cover everyone who does not qualify for either the Free or the Basic editions. Currently priced at $39.95, the Deluxe Edition allows for any amount of income, itemized deductions, business expenses and income, rental property income, self-employment income, stock adjustments, and pretty much anything else that might come up on either a typical or atypical tax return. As with the other editions above, the state returns are priced separately at $19.95. Tax Software review efficient and affordable

Using the methods employed by a number of other tax preparation products, works you through your return by asking you a series of questions. This interview-style method uses your answers to determine which forms you’ll need to fill out and file, making it easy to get your taxes done in a relatively small amount of time. Online support is available and the Website has a number of helpful articles regarding taxes and tax filing. Once you are done, you can file your return electronically as well as print out a copy of your return for your own records. The site also includes a tax calculator to show you how much you’ll have to pay in penalties if you aren’t covered with health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act. Tax Software review efficient and affordable

One interesting feature of tax software is that even if you’re using one of the paid versions of the product, you won’t have to actually pay any money out of your pocket to use it. The company’s E-Collect feature allows you to pay by allowing to deduct their fees from your anticipated refund. They do note that fees may apply when using this feature, but for those who don’t want to pay up front, it’s a nice option.

While offers an affordable product that’s easy to use, we need to remind you that no tax software is perfect, and no tax software can foresee all possible situations. Most software is designed for the typical scenarios encountered by the majority of taxpayers. While the software used at can accommodate you when you provide information regarding tax deductions, it cannot know about every tax deduction for which you could be eligible. That’s not a problem with the tax software, that’s a problem with your tax strategy. The law allows hundreds or even thousands of ways to legally deduct expenses from your income and every extra deduction you take means fewer taxes that you pay. Tax Software review efficient and affordable

The problem with that situation is that most taxpayers don’t have a clue as to what deductions they may qualify to take. That’s not ignorance; it’s simply a matter of the tax code being so enormous and complex that the average taxpayer doesn’t have time to think about it, let alone read it and understand it.

It turns out, however, that you and everyone else are probably paying more in taxes than you should be, and that you could be taking a lot more deductions, and thus, paying less in taxes than you currently are. If you only knew which deductions you were entitled to take, you’d take them, right? No one wants to voluntarily pay more in taxes than they’re required to. Tax Software review efficient and affordable

Well, there is a way to easily find out what deductions you can be taking, and it won’t confuse you with legalese. You’ll be shown what to do and how to do it in plain, easy-to-understand English. Once you find out what deductions to take, then you can use software such as to do the rest.

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