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Income Taxes – Save Money by Moving

Income Taxes Too High? Move!

No one likes paying income taxes, but doing so is one of those things that’s necessary in any civilized society.  That said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to minimize your tax bill.  You should pay your due, but why pay more than you have to in income taxes?   It turns out that tax rates in the United States can vary dramatically depending on where you love.  Some states have sky-high income taxes and other states don’t have them at all.  On top of that, some cities will tax you, too.

Tax Tips

While there are lots of ways to minimize your income taxes, your best bet if you want to truly minimize the amount you have to pay each year would be to move to a place with lower tax rates. Ideally, you’d move to a place where state taxes were relatively low or even nonexistent. That’s not a dream; seven states in this country have no state income tax at all and a couple more have truly minimal taxes. While you’re always going to have to pay something, these states offer a genuine opportunity to put a huge dent in your tax bill simply by deciding to live somewhere else.

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